Mobile Holiday Showcase

To celebrate the magic of the holiday season, we partnered with Wavemaker and the Armani team at L'Oréal Luxe to create a stunning, glass-walled truck—inviting shoppers across Montreal to view a gorgeous Armani Beauty display all while receiving free samples of luxury Armani makeup and perfume.

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Deployed over ten days and travelling to locations frequented by audiences in search of refined and unforgettable gifts, the interior buildout consisted of a stylized Christmas tree with red satin ribbons, an Armani "Ferris wheel of wishes," twinkling lights, Armani gift bags, and a variety of perfumes, foundations, and lipsticks in larger-than-life formats.

Participants were also invited to scan a QR code displayed on the truck to spin the "wish wheel" for a chance to win additional gifts and discounts.

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